Company Overview

Hanil Steel Corporation has been a leader in the field of manufacturing cold drawn bars. We make products in a variety of different sizes which plays a factor in increased customer profits. We also produce and export a diversity of wire products which are high carbon and low carbon galvanized steel wires, galvanized steel wires for cable armouring, etc.

Since our foundation in 1977, Hanil Steel has strived to make significant contributions to the growth of the steel industry, and our 36-year history mirrors the endless challenges we have undertaken to produce high quality new products.

It is often said that companies last only for 30 years on average. The steel industry has seen an enormously large number of steel companies rise and fall over past decades. Such difficult situations as recessions financial crisis have swallowed some of them up whole. Despite such difficult conditions, all the workers and executives at Hanil Steel have struggled to secure their company's position as a leading-edge company, using their confidence, wisdom and experience.

In our effort to grow the expertise of our company in the area of steel, Hanil Steel constructed the Jinyeong Factory to introduce facilities for cold drawn bar production in 2004. This factory has acted as a catalyst for our new development and growth, as evidenced by an increase in sales and the development of new production techniques.

As an eco-friendly green business, Hanil Steel is always working to grow into a warm company which can contribute to the community.


Details of Hanil Steel

Company Name Hanil Steel Corporation
Establishment Date July 1977
CEO Oh, Kyung-tae
Main Products Cold Drawn Bars, Galvanized Steel Wires
(Hakjang Factory)
53, 45th gil, Gayadae-ro, Sasang-gu, Busan Metropolitan City (47018)
Tel: (+82)-51-326-3351~6, Fax: (+82)-51-325-5138
Jinyeong Factory 199, 179th gil, seobu-ro, Jinyeong-eub, Kimhae City, Gyeongsangnam-do (50870)
Tel: (+82)-55-343-7051, Fax: (+82)-55-346-5138