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Hot-Rolled Steel Bars

Hot-Rolled Steel Bars have a superior mechanical properties. It is manufactured by heat treatment to improve its properties.


Forged Round Bars

Forged Steel Bars Forged steel bars are a product manufactured by using a press and hammer to carry out the plastic working of ingots and blooms. This process has the effect of creating bubble pressure and micronized crystallization, which improve intensity, elasticity and so forth. The bars are used in car making, ship construction, etc., where rigorous puality management is demanded.


Alloy Steel Bars

Alloy Steel Bars are manufactured by adding alloy materials to carbon steel bars in order to improve its mechanical properties.

Kinds of bars and sizes
Type Grade Diameter(MM)
Hot-Rolled S20C, S45C


Alloy SCM420, SCM440, SCM440H 25~250
Forged S45C, SCM440 300~520